Pest Control in Wakefield

Pestek Pest Control are one of the Wakefield regions leading provider of pest control services. All pest species can be successfully eradicated. Call Us On 01924 841 281

Pest extermination Wakefield

Listed below are the most common pest species we deal with. Over the last four years we have successfully dealt with everything from beetles to birds. We guarantee to solve your pest problem. Unlike many pest control companies in the Wakefield area we charge a fixed price to eradication.

Wasp Control / Wasp nest Removal

Wasps are without a doubt the most common pest we deal with. Wasps nests are treated using a powder injected under pressure deep inside the nest. The treatment is simple and wasp activity usually ceases within a few hours. As with all our work wasp nest treatments fully guaranteed.

Bed bug Treatments

Bed bugs are spreading at an alarming rate hardly a day goes by without a call to undertake a bed bug treatment. Bed bugs are the most difficult pest species to deal with and a typical bed bug extermination may require 3 visits before total control is achieved.


Rat / Mouse Control

Mice and rats cause mainly cause problems during the winter months where they enter properties seeking shelter, however this is not always the case. It is not uncommon to have a problem during the summer months. Control is achieved with the use of both poisons and traditional trapping techniques.

Mole catching

Mole catching is simple.... if you have years of experience. Moles can be a problem all year round and are trapped using powerful modern versions of traditionally designed mole traps. We can provide fixed price mole clearances as well as a price per mole option for larger areas.


Ant Control

The most common ant we deal with is the common garden ant which is usually simple to control. However we occasionally encounter more exotic species such as Pharaoh and Red ants. Both can be successfully controlled using modern techniques.

Flea Treatments

Flea infestations are very common, while the fleas are quite happy and may go unnoticed while pets are in the property, remove the fleas preferred host and they will start to feed on humans instead. The treatment is simple and takes around 10 minuets per room.

Cockroach Treatments

By far the most common species of cockroach we deal with in the Leeds area is the German cockroach. This insect is usually introduced into homes in contaminated imported food. If left untreated the German Cockroach can quickly become a major problem.

Insect fumigation

The use of fumigants is no longer allowed in domestic properties. However many people still use this term when they talk to a pest control technician. What is available is a a procedure called ULV "Ultra Low Volume". ULV can be used to control a range of flying and crawling insects.