Wakefield Pest Control

Pestek Pest Control provide a range of pest control services in the Wakefield area. From domestic wasp nest removal to mole control Call Us On 01924 841 281

  • Domestic Pest Control

    Every home may have a problem with pests from time to time. Over the years we have dealt with everything from rats and mice, to insect infestations including beetles, ants bed bugs and fleas. All can be simply and safely controlled by our qualified and experienced pest control technicians.

    • Same day service.
    • Prices agreed over the phone before we arrive.
    • Safe effective control.
  • Electronic Fly Killers - Fly Screens

    Flies may seem like a nuisance, but they can also jeopardise your business. Flies can be particularly serious for food preparation industries and commercial kitchens. Attracted by food, flies will spread bacteria and could cause disease Inadequate fly control also infringes the Food Safety Act 1990.

    • Free surveys and advice.
    • The latest fly killing machines.
    • Perforated PVC fly screens.

    Commercial pest control

    Cafes, bars, restaurants, care homes, factories and hotels are the types of premises we currently provide pest control services to. All of our customers recieve A detailed service pack. Unlike a lot of companies we do not simply supply a piece of paper to say a visit has been undertaken, monitoring points are inspected and cleaned and a complete inspection is undertaken during every routine visit

    • On time inspections.
    • Free call outs.
    • Detailed reporting.
  • Bed Bug monitoring

    Bed bugs are a pest of exposure, their presence is not usually a reflection of poor hygiene or bad housekeeping. All high traffic areas such as hotels, cinemas & waiting rooms are at risk of exposure. Following exposure if left unchecked a low level infestation can rapidly spread to adjoining areas. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate,
    but if detected early the problem cis simple to control..

    • Proactive monitoring is key in providing a bed bug free environment.
    • Sign up to our monitoring service and receive free bed bug treatments.
  • Mole catching - Mole control

    The easiest way to control moles is to use traditional mole traps. We trap hundreds of moles each year all are removed without the use of poison. An experienced mole trapper will "nine times out of ten" catch a single mole overnight. for a larger area such as a golf course weekly visits are usually required to keep the area mole free.

    • Fixed fee garden mole clearance.
    • Price per mole caught.
    • Annual mole control contracts.